About Kate

Let me introduce myself.

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I’m a deep thinker that loves to become an expert in topics that I’m passionate about — like healing from traumatic birth, family medical leave, and positive parenting. Then, I take what’s complex and make it simple to help others see the big picture.

I love to counsel and hold space for others when they come to me for help. I’ll seek the root of your problem and then connect my knowledge and passion to your experience as an individual to help you heal yourself. I present your choices, and help you see your potential outcomes.

I believe that we need deep deep self-care and self-love to become the women we need to be in the world. We need to practice empathy for ourselves. And once we realize we are worthy of our own support, we’ll begin to realize we’re worthy of support from the world outside of us. Then we can demand supports we need to thrive, like paid sick days, paid parental care leave, and equal pay. But we need to start with believing we’re worthy and healing our trauma.

I know what it’s like to be paralyzed by perfectionism and overwhelm. I have spent many days trying to figure out how to be perfect to keep from feeling negative feelings — only to be beating myself up for feeling negative feelings anyway. I have been a people pleaser and been mired in hopelessness and depression. I know what it’s like to look for validation outside of yourself. I think I’ll always be working on overcoming these traits, but having experienced it, I hope that sharing my story will help you walk your path.

I have a beautiful daughter whom I refer to as Rocketship on the internet, and a loving husband named Tim. We live in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I also work locally as an assistant placenta encapsulator and Sacred Pregnancy Instructor.

Professional Bio

Kate Ditzler is a 2013 Master of Public Policy Graduate of the University of Michigan Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, and she happened to raise and breastfeed her daughter from 6 months to 30 months while doing it. Her Family Wellness Consulting Business, Practicing Empathy, works to change the conversation around motherhood and women’s leadership in the United States by coaching women to claim their power with self-compassion and collaboration. Ultimately, her goal is to bring policies like paid parental care leave to support families holistically.

Her former work includes a stint as a Community Organizer for homeless programs, an internship with the Institute of Women’s Policy research, and two years of service as an AmeriCorps member. She also worked with a 501(c)4 to Get Out the Vote in the 2008 election. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Social Relations and Policy with honors from James Madison College at Michigan State University.

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