Three Alarming Ways YourPersonal Story Limits You (1)

Three Alarming Ways Your Personal Story Limits You

You know how, sometimes, it’s impossible to remember everything that you need to buy? (I know, I promised a blog post about personal story, but stay with me, this is an allegory.) Recently I had to run errands — and I had to remember to buy my favorite pens, and my husband’s very specific brand […]

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C-Section Doesn'tMean Failure

C-Section Doesn’t Mean Failure

I see you, friend. You prepared for your first baby, and their birth, with all the passion and dedication you know how to muster. You planned for a natural birth, making all the “right” choices to give yourself the best chance. But through a series of events that you’re now agonizing as completely within your […]

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So You Want To Protect Women From Birth Trauma_

So You Want to Protect Women From Birth Trauma?

When my daughter was 15 months old, I remember clearly seeing a pregnant woman walking down the street and remember thinking, viscerally, that I needed to save her. That if I could just talk to her, I could stop her from giving birth, from having the same kind of awful, frightening, traumatic experience that I […]

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Birth Trauma Moms Can't _Just_ Put Their Birth Behind Them(1)

Birth Trauma Moms Can’t “Just” Put Their Birth Behind Them — Advice That Silences and What Moms Need To Hear Instead

Mothers are in the midst of a continuing intense experience — first, the traumatic birth of our child — then our child’s newbornhood, the first year of our child’s life, and then the birth of subsequent children. The daily aspects of parenting can hit emotional triggers — one of mine is bedtime resistance. (When my […]

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