Sacred MeHi! I’m Kate.

My business, Practicing Empathy, is about radically changing the conversation around motherhood and women’s leadership in the United States by coaching women to claim their power with compassion and collaboration.

My mission is to build our self-compassion and belief in our worth as women and professionals so that we can ask for the supports we need to thrive — and receive them in grace. We can fully present and engaged in our lives for ourselves, our families, and our calling in the world.

I believe that women, especially mothers, need a tribe of open-hearted, nonjudgmental peers to help see themselves honestly — both as brilliant, and in need of care and support.

I can be the seed of that circle for you. Make sure you join my mailing list to make sure you keep in touch!

My first offering is to coach women to heal their own traumatic birthing experiences so they can mother confidently and move on with their lives. Get more information on my Transforming Birth Trauma page.

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